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Government APPROVED IN 1997
· We operate a British Standard of Education where "Every Child Matters". 
· ABI International School, BODIJA is renowned for its extremely caring staff and stimulating educational standards which challenge every pupil to excel & be very creative in their learning. 
· EACH child has daily access to excellent infrastructure and facilities for academics, sports, life skills development & extracurricular activities.
· Our standards of cleanliness & hygiene are extremely high 24/7, as witnessed by even first time visitors to the school.
 Our curriculum delivery (a mix of Nigerian/UK content) enables us to ensure that -
· the whole child (spirit, soul & body) is nurtured carefully,
· high moral & challenging educational standards are achieved,
· teaching is Child-centred with a Montessori foundation,
· every child has fun while learning & advancing progressively in all areas of life.


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